Annual Reports

Annual Reports on State-Tribal Collaboration & Services to Native Americans created by 31 cabinet-level agencies and compiled by the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department.


The Annual Reports on State-Tribal Collaboration & Services to Native Americans include a detailed overview of the services and programs offered by each agency, as well as important information regarding agency progress in furthering state-tribal relations.

African American Affairs, Office of
Aging and Long-Term Services Department
Agriculture, Department of
Children, Youth and Families Department
Corrections Department
Cultural Affairs, Department of
Early Childhood Education & Care Department
Economic Development Department
Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
Environment Department
Finance and Administration, Department of
Game and Fish, Department of
General Services Department
Health, Department of
Higher Education Department
Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of
Human Services Department
Indian Affairs Department
Information Technology, Department of
Military Affairs, Department of
Public Education Department
Public Safety, Department of
Regulation and Licensing Department
State Engineer, Office of
State Personnel Office
Taxation and Revenue Department
Tourism Department
Transportation, Department of
Veterans' Services, Department of
Workers' Compensation Administration
Workforce Solutions, Department of