Legislative Session

2022 Tribal Leaders Legislative Debrief

2022 Legislative Report
PED - Indian Education Investments Presentation
HED - Opportunity Scholarship Presentation
New Mexico Food, Farm, & Hunger Initiative Presentation



2022 Legislative Session 

2022 NM Indian Affairs Department Tracked Legislation
SB 12: AG Office for missing Indigenous persons one-pager
SB 13: Missing in New Mexico Event one-pager
SB 14: Clean Fuel Standard Act
SB 39: Procurement Preferences Changes - Buy NM Fact Sheet
SB 108: Exempt Social Security from Income Tax
SB 140: Opportunity Scholarship Act - HED Priorities
HB 135: Indian Family Protection Act (IFPA)

2022 Budget Recommendations

IAD Budget Recommendation
PED Budget Recommendation
ECECD Budget Recommendation
OSE/ISE Budget Recommendation
EMNRD Budget Recommendation
NMDA Budget Recommendation
The Food, Farm, and Hunger Initiative

Past Legislative Sessions

2022 Legislative Summary
2021 Legislative Summary
2019 Legislative Summary