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Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Projects

Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Projects

The State of New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (IAD) is focused on building tribal capacity to implement culturally appropriate tobacco cessation and prevention initiatives that recognize the unique ceremonial uses of tobacco while reducing the use of commercial tobacco use and its harmful effects. 

In 2006, IAD recieved an appropriation from the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight Committee for Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Projects. The committee continues to fund the department to direct tobacco cessation and prevention campaigns in Native American communities.

For both established and emerging tobacco cessation and prevention programs, the Department will utilize a competitive grant process; awarding funding to applicant programs that:

1) Best demonstrate a thorough understanding of the population to be served and their need for commercial tobacco prevention and cessation services;
2) Demonstrate an organized plan to implement a tobacco prevention and/or cessation program that utilizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs and best meets the needs of the tribal community served;
3) Demonstrate a reasonable budget with sufficient justification of costs;
4) Demonstrate a favorable record of performance implementing commercial tobacco control programs and/or behavioral health programs; and
5) Provide a shared interest in the proposed program through supplemental financial support and/or in-kind contributions.

While the Department anticipates making multiple awards, this is a competitive grant process. All respondents may not receive a funding award.

Interested in Applying?

This funding opportunity is available for a federally recognized tribe or Native-serving organization within the State of New Mexico. Each year, a Notice of Funding Announcement (NOFA) will be placed on our website notifying all interested parties of new monies available. Each applying entity is limited to applying for one Tobacco Cessation and Prevention project. Proposals should articulate a project plan and establish a budget that appropriately aligns with that plan.

FY2018 - Notice of Funding Announcement for Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Projects

TCPP - Project Proposal and Budget Template

Deadline: July 31, 2017 at 5:00 PM MST

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