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Special Project Funding

Special Projects

This grant funding is available for Special Projects in New Mexico Native American Communities. The amount of available funds varies from year to year. This special project grant funding is not intended to be a permanent funding source for entities but rather a short-term allocation. Consequently, projects should demonstrate progress towards self-sustainability. Additionally, special project funds are meant for direct services to Native American citizens, indirect and administrative costs shall be kept to a minimum.

Interested in Applying?

This funding is available for any federally recognized tribe of Native-serving organization within the State of New Mexico. Each year, a Notice of Funding Announcement (NOFA) will be placed on our website notifying all interested parties of new monies available. Each applying entity is limited to applying for one special project. Proposals should articulate a project plan and establish a budget that appropriately aligns with that plan.

FY2017 - Notice of Funding Announcement for Special Projects

Special Projects - Project Proposal Form

Deadline: June 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM MST

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